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ski-250With the advent of technology, the world of skiing and boarding has changed dramatically over the last decade. Today, we find our skis shorter and wider than a decade ago, making it easier for a greater number of participants to enjoy the sports of skiing and boarding.

This advanced technology can be seen on the ski hills as well. Some ski areas have already eliminated the employee who checks lift tickets to access the ski lift. These areas have installed automatic gates that allow entry to the lift via the use of a radio frequency (RF) gate card in a jacket pocket.

Just recently, the Council required both a recording secretary and a corresponding secretary, but today, we only need one secretary on the Executive Board. Because of technology and the Internet, it has become easier to communicate with a click of a button. The use of e-mail has eliminated the Council’s need to communicate via phone and snail mail. CMSC minutes are posted online for all delegates to view at any time.

CMSC now has a website where ski clubs can display their news, events and trips for the public to see.

Safety issues also have evolved over the last decade. Helmets, for example, are now more widely used by skiers and boarders and have been proven to help prevent serious injuries. In fact, the employees of many ski areas are now required to wear helmets whenever they are locked into their skis. It is just a matter of time when helmets will be required everywhere on the hill.

The CMSC Seminar also saw some changes this year. Several classes were incorporated into Ski Seminar. These classes instructed club leaders how to better market their trips and events, while other classes explained how to approach legal and tax issues.

Unlike a decade ago, the CMSC Picnic, this Aug. 17, has been expanded to include free admission, free food, free entertainment and free overnight camping for the weekend as well as the ever popular Olympic ski jumping. It is a great event where many CMSC clubs can have fun, socialize and network.

As always, CMSC welcomes new members and new ideas. Our general meetings are open to all CMSC club members on the second Tuesday of the month at Sawa’s Old Warsaw in Broadview. Hope to see you there!

Ray Piwowarczyk, President

Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council


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