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Welcome to the first issue of Ski & Ride Club Guide, the magazine of the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council. This is the first issue in name only, as our magazine has been published for many years under the name Midwest Skier. The words “Ski & Ride” recognize the importance of snowboarding to the world of snowsports. The words “Club Guide” define the true purpose of the magazine, to be a resource for the members of our clubs, as well as a promotional tool for snowsports enthusiasts not familiar with ski and snowboard clubs.

Our old name was selected decades ago and described who we were then, skiers from the Midwest. What the old name did not say was that we were committed to our sport, and we traveled wherever necessary to enjoy the sport of skiing.

Back in the original days of the magazine, the skis were straight, boots had laces and they generally hurt. Many clubs ran several weekend bus trips to Midwest resorts. Travel by airline was considered fairly exotic, there might be only one flight a day to the target destination and a club may have run only one trip a year utilizing airlines. Checking luggage on flights was included in the price of the airfare (not all changes are improvements).

Today both skis and snowboards come in a huge variety of shapes, either end can be pointed down the slope and, fortunately, boots no longer have to hurt. Our clubs run fewer bus trips, but airline service allows our members to make multiple trips to North American resorts each season, and many clubs run trips to overseas destinations.

Neither the old nor new name mentions the commitment to our sport and our clubs but, believe me, it’s there. The volunteers that run our clubs are extremely knowledgeable about putting together the trip components (resort selection, airfare and lodging) that create lifelong memories. The accumulated experience of the volunteers in many of our clubs adds up to decades, and in some instances, centuries. Our clubs are simply great at what they do.

Our clubs are also active year round, and this issue of the magazine is dedicated to the warm-weather activities of our clubs. One warm-weather activity you won’t see mentioned is planning for next winter; don’t worry, our clubs are busy doing that even as I’m writing this article. Our 2012/2013 Directory, due out in October, will highlight clubs’ winter activities.

If you’re not a member of a ski and snowboard club, please use this magazine to find one that suits you. Our website,, has updated information on all of our clubs.

Whether you Ski or Ride, you’ll enjoy it more with a Club.

Keith L. Fanta, President
Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council


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