Ski & Ride Magazine Fall 2013

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Ski & Ride Club Guide Fall 2013

Ski & Ride Club Guide Fall 2013

Thank you for picking up Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council’s 2014 issue of Ski & Ride. I would like to welcome back all CMSC ski clubs and affiliates to another season of skiing, snowboarding and winter sports. For those of you who are not yet members of our council, I hope that you discover a reason or two in this publication to join one of our many ski clubs in the Chicagoland area and surrounding states.

Over a half century ago the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council was formed as a result of the vision of a small group of Chicago-area skiers. It was their dream to create a body to act as an umbrella organization of Chicagoland ski clubs. This organization would provide relevant information and purchasing power to the Chicagoland skier. CMSC was founded in 1957 with seven ski clubs. Although there is only one club remaining of the original seven, we have grown over the years to 70 clubs.

The Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council represents clubs in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri and Nebraska! Each club has its own uniqueness. Some clubs include activities for families and some for adults only. Some clubs focus on racing while others are more involved with local or destination ski trips. Whatever your interests may be, you will find a club to fit your personality and your geographic location. To find a club or to participate in an event, visit us on or find us on Facebook.

CMSC and its member clubs host domestic and international ski trips and 13 days of races for skiers and boarders, a golf outing, a major league baseball game, Ski Seminar, an annual picnic, and much more. I am anticipating the 2014 ski season. My priorities for 2014 are as follows: First, I am encouraging our member clubs to open their doors to members of other clubs, whether it be to participate in a ski trip or a social event. Second, CMSC is providing member clubs with strategies to increase membership growth.

Third, I would like to see our members be proactive in establishing strong partnerships with ski industry affiliates in the Chicagoland area. This includes local ski areas, ski shops, restaurants, convention centers, tour operators and resorts!

I invite you to visit our officers page on the website or in this publication to find the entire list of officers and their respective contact information. If not on the hill, you can always contact me at Raymond. Let’s enjoy the fall weather while we can because we’ll be skiing and boarding before we know it.

Ray Piwowarczyk, President
Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council


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