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The Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC) is an umbrella organization comprising 70 ski clubs that reach thousands of skiers in the Midwest. Its mission is to promote the excitement and camaraderie of skiing and snowboarding to everyone regardless of ability, age or economic background.

CMSC member clubs hail from as far west as Nebraska and as far east as Ohio. Michigan and Wisconsin are on the north, Springfield and St. Louis on the south. The majority of CMSC clubs is concentrated in the Chicago metropolitan area. Run by energetic volunteers generous with their time and talent, the year-round social and ski activities of each club are limited only by their members’ imagination.

CMSC has a ski club that will suit anyone’s lifestyle, whether a person is married or single, a single parent or married with children, over 21 or over 70, a novice or expert skier, is physically challenged, has an unlimited budget or is budget-minded, is active or just enjoys being around active people.

Formed in 1957 as a non-profit corporation, CMSC in its constitution provides for an annual election of officers. Each member ski club sends delegates to the Council’s meetings. CMSC’s magazine, Ski & Ride Club Guide, is published in the spring and fall. Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council is a charter member of the National Ski Council Federation representing over one-third of a million skiers in the United States.

The ski clubs of CMSC and the CMSC trips committee do a great job putting together economical and fun-filled trips for its members. There is no guarantee that the conditions will be perfect or that you will not do a face plant or have a yard sale right below the lift with several of your friends riding above at the exact time. However, it can be guaranteed that the volunteers who spend the time and effort in planning an event really want you to have fun, meet new friends and have the opportunity to get away from the routine of work and home to relax, with all the logistics taken care of. All you need to do is arrange payment and show up for the bus/plane with your gear and follow the crowd. Just don’t follow them over double black diamond cliffs unless you really want to!

Ray Piwowarczyk

President, Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council


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