2016 SnowBound Magazine

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It takes a lot of hard work and sometimes a little luck to pull off an epic group ski trip.

The hard work is the coordination of the myriad of details – where to go, when to go, who to invite, how to invite and how to keep everyone on the same page. Luck comes in when dealing with winter weather. You want snow – and lots of it, but not necessarily on your travel days. I found out the hard way on a recent trip to Keystone, when I was parked on I-70 for three hours while they cleared off a 26-car pile-up caused by an early spring dumping. What’s good for the mountains isn’t necessarily good for getting TO the mountains.

While we can’t create perfect weather conditions for you, we can help with the planning and organization of your trip. And whether you’re planning your hundredth or first ski trip, Snowbound is your resource to help make it epic.

Our third annual guide should serve as a guidepost for planning intelligence and inspiration.

Recognizing that not everyone in your group is a skier, How to Book a Winter Vacation with Someone Who Doesn’t Ski helps you choose the right resort based on your group’s composition. Another article, 6 Tips for Planning a Mixed-Ability Ski Trip, shows that with a little advance planning everyone in your group will be a happy camper. 11 Tips for Bringing Kids Along helps parents decide if it’s wise to travel with children, or leave them home with grandma. For budget-conscious groups, 9 Tips for Saving Money on a Ski Vacation provides tactical tips and tricks that can save you money getting to the slopes.

Rounding out this edition are a dozen Site InSpections (SI) detailing the best destinations for your group to ski & snowboard. We tell you how to get there, where to stay, deliver statistics on the mountain and terrain, and tell you what to do when you’re not on the mountain. SI’s also provide key contact information for top destinations, resorts and vacation providers. Your ski trip planning starts here.